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Making New Music CPD Weekend
Develop your skills as a music workshop leader with More Music...

One Planet Festival and Exhibtion - Artists Wanted!
We are inviting local artists to get involved in the One Planet exhibition at the Dukes, Lancaster f...

Global Link Events for Black History Month
Throughout October 2013, artists from Global Link′s Global Artist Network will be delivering w...

More Info
This project is managed by Global Link and funded by the Arts Council and North West Global Education Network to develop the capacity of artists with roots in the global south (i.e. Africa, Asia and Latin America) to work in schools and the wider community. Read more...

About Us
Supported by the Arts Council, Global Link has set up a directory of artists whose work focuses specifically on the global dimension for schools and who have roots or links to the Global South (Africa, Asia and Latin America). Aimed at schools in the North West of England, the directory links schools with artists and supports workshops with information and funding.

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Jose Pindian

Visual Arts and Culture

Through art and Hindu culture, Jose reflects on social iss...


Peshkar Theatre Company
Multimedia Arts and Theatre

Peshkar is celebrating its 20th year as a successful arts organisation whose participatory work with young people is linked to its professional pro...

Pippa Pixley

Photography and visual arts

Pippa has worked in schools as a creative practitioner since 2009. She uses ICT, photography and visual media to stimulate creativity and explore G...

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