Witch Hunts, Then and Now

Witch Hunts, Then and Now is a multimedia exhibition spanning time and place.

Forming part of a programme of activities marking the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials at Lancaster Castle , the exhibition invited visitors to listen and walk through a ‘Lancaster courtroom′ in 1612 and a Nigerian ‘prayerhouse’ in 2012. The soundtrack tells parts of the story of the trial at Lancaster Castle undergone by the Lancashire Witches, as well as the ‘trial’ undergone by a Nigerian child. Participants also learn about the legacy of the Lancashire Witches, and how this relates to our own lives.

This project was a collaboration between Global Link, Lancashire Museum Service, and Stepping Stones Nigeria, a charity based in Lancaster, working for Child Rights in the Niger Delta.

  • Experience the sights and sounds of 1612 Lancashire and 2012 Nigeria
  • Learn about accusations and trials of witchcraft and scapegoating
  • Understand the legacy of persecution and how it affects people today

Prevent Abuse of Children Today (PACT) is a global campaign set up by Stepping Stones Nigeria that aims to give a voice to Nigerian children, particularly those at risk of child rights violations including witchcraft related abuse and trafficking.

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Download the soundtrack for the exhibition, if you would like to play using your own audio player.

Right click and save as to download (13mb mp3 file).