British Values

This Twilight course course aims to develop an understanding of British values and how they can facilitate deeper global learning. The course will explore OFSTED’s requirements relating to British Values and SMSC and the relationship between British values and Global values.

Date & Venue: to be booked by your school or cluster

£250 per school (10% discount for members)

Eligible for Global Learning Programme e-credits

Led by Sara Nobili-Park, recently Equality Officer at Cumbria County Council, the course is designed for primary and secondary school teachers and Governors


This course aims to develop an understanding of British Values and how they can facilitate deeper global learning

Course delegates will:GLP Approved

  1. Critically engage with the concept of values
  2. Explore and discuss concepts that are often intrinsically linked to ‘values’ such as equality, identity, diversity, discrimination, prejudice and human rights.
  3. Critically engage with the questions ‘What are British values’, ‘Are they shared by all in Britain?’ and ‘Are they unique to Britain?’ and how these link to an exploration of “Britishness”
  4. Embed and/or map British Values in the curriculum by making links with Global Learning and the Six Big Ideas.
  5. Take away examples of practice in relation to school‘s statements on British Values
  6. Gain understanding of how British Values link in with certain aspects of Global Learning, particularly in relation to Identity and Diversity and Values and methodologies such as Schools-out ‘VisAble Tool’


The Government recently introduced five British values that all schools are required to actively promote through their teaching so that all young people understand the importance of respect and leave school ready to play their full part in British society. Following general confusion from schools regarding how exactly they are supposed to promote such values, and perhaps in part due to recent Ofsted comments on how some rural schools are failing to promote such values, the Department of Education issued further guidance in December 2014. Such moves present both opportunities and challenges.

This workshop will invite participants to critically reflect upon the meaning of ‘values’ linking it to the notion of Britishness, identity and sense of belonging. It will also offer delegates some practical guidance and advice on how to incorporate such understanding in their teaching in order to promote learner’s critical awareness of ‘values’ and develop skills for learning.